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Growth Mindset

In Juying Primary School, we are very keen to provide our students with the opportunities they need to develop a Growth Mindset during the critical and formative period of their lives. Backed by more than thirty years of scientific investigation, Professor Carol Dweck’s findings reveal how parents and teachers can help foster this positive development in children and help them be successful.

Growth Mindset has a direct co-relation with grit and entails 5 aspects below:

  • Embracing Challenges;
  • Persisting in Obstacles;
  • Seeing Effort as Necessary;
  • Learns from Criticism; and
  • Inspired by Others’ Success















Based on these aspects, a structured approach was implemented to introduce pupils to them. Assembly talks on Growth Mindset were held for all pupils. Through this, a common understanding and language was established. Lesson plans were created to teach Growth Mindset explicitly.















For example, a session was devoted to teach pupils how to put in Effective Effort in their daily work so that they could see practical applications of the concept.















Since Growth Mindset is a pivotal instrument to achieve our desired outcomes, we had deliberately included elements of Growth Mindset in the Holistic Report card for the pupils to do a more purposeful reflection.
















We hope that through this explicit approach in unpacking Growth Mindset, our pupils would be inspired to always put in their best effort, embrace challenges and never give up!

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