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Total Defence Day

17 February 2017

This week, we commemorated Total Defence Day. In class, the students recapped the 5 pillars of our National Defence, while during recess and assembly, they enjoyed through play the enforcement of Total Defence values and concepts. For Primary 1 and 2, they understood the concepts of Total Defence through a perennial favourite game of life-sized snakes and ladders. For Primary 3 and 4, they penned thank you letters to the defence personnel – our hardworking security guards and the police force in the neighbourhood; whom they also got to interact with in a life-sharing by the police during recess, taking a peek at the defence arsenal of our neighbourhood police. Meanwhile, our Primary 5 and 6 took part in a special Total Defence quiz in our school’s National Education Hub. It was a fun-packed and enriching journey for Juying staff and students alike for Total Defence 2017!

Mass Singing of ‘We are Total Defence’:



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