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Tamil Language


Pupils be competent in their Mother Tongue Language and understand their culture.


Focusing on Spoken and Written forms of the Tamil Language, the pupils in Juying Primary School are exposed to various forms of learning experiences through activities such as story-telling, role-play, rhymes recitation, dramatization and show-and-tell. The activities help the pupils in acquiring knowledge and skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. Values and morals are also reinforced in the lessons. Modes of assessment are varied and include both formative and summative assessment.

Pupils in Juying Primary School enjoy learning and using the Tamil Language daily in school and at home. Some of these activities, programmes and events are highlighted below.


Key Programmes

Listening and Speaking

In conjunction with Pongal Festival (Harvesting Festival), our pupils embarked on a Learning Journey to Little India and the Indian Heritage Centre on 13 Jan 2016. Through this authentic experience, pupils became more aware of the Indian culture and custom. Pupils were so excited when they entered the Indian Heritage Centre as they could see many changes the community had gone through over the years. Pupils were attentive to teacher’s instructions and participated actively in the discussion.

The weekly Show-and-Tell activities across all levels enhance the Listening and Spoken aspects in the Teaching and Learning of Tamil Language. P1 and P2 pupils will use objects to focus their spoken interaction component. This activity helps to develop not only speaking skills, but also listening skills and improve the confidence of the pupils. For P3 pupils, they will be given a topic to talk about, which they could prepare a few days in advance.


Reading and Writing 

In conjunction with Mother Tongue Fortnight Week, pupils experienced Readers’ Theatre Workshop on 7 March 2016. They learnt more about theatre and how it works, and were given model scripts to enact, before they came up with their own script and act it out. Pupils also learnt about sound projection and production. It was a good experience for the pupils as they write the script, act it out and learnt how to produce it.

The weekly Reading Programme enables the pupils to read and write journals to enhance their written skills. Pupils read aloud the stories to their fellow classmates and subsequently discuss the learning points. Using different genres, they will then write short paragraphs about the story they read. They are encouraged to use beautiful phrases and new words learnt and present to the class. This activity also enhances their presentation skills.



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