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Malay Language


Pupils be competent in their Mother Tongue Language and understand their culture.



In line with MOE Malay Language vision of ‘Arif Budiman’, at the end of primary school, we hope that the pupils will know and understand the language and culture as part of the multiracial community in Singapore.  We hope that the pupils are not only knowledgeable but able to contribute positively to society.

The ML department uses student-centred approach which focused on teaching Malay Language in an interactive manner.  With active pupils’ involvement, learning Malay Language will be a fun and memorable experience.  This will help pupils to be active and competent users of the language.

Differentiated learning caters to pupils with different learning profile and ability.  This is to gradually build up pupils’ competency and understanding in the language. Explicit teaching of Malay Language will help pupils to improve on their mastery of the language.


The ML syllabus focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, written interaction as well as oral interaction skills.  These skills are taught so that pupils are able to communicate and interact effectively and with confidence.



Extensive Reading Programme (ERP)
To inculcate the love of reading among Malay pupils, ML department carry out ERP in class daily. A variety of books are provided for pupils for them to read.  Pre and post activities are carried out to encourage pupils to read. Pupils presented their work in class as part of post-activity.


Writing Programme
To encourage creativity in our pupils, a structured writing programme was introduced to the pupils.  Pupils are brought outdoors as part of their lesson to observe and used their five senses when writing composition.  Differentiated resources are provided to meet the differentiated learning needs of the pupils.  Pupils are also given opportunity to take part in creative writing competition.


ICT in Malay Language
To harness ICT in teaching of Malay Language, Primary 3 pupils embark on 10’M in their learning of Malay Language.  10’M promotes pupils’ interest in the Malay Language, and enhance their reading, comprehension and writing skills in an interactive environment. 10’M adopts a student-centred model which is well-balanced with teachers’ guidance and facilitation. It facilitates independent, differentiated learning and peer interaction.

To encourage pupils to be an effective communicator in Malay Language, our department used online platform such as iMTL for pupils to record their reading and conversation skills.  This give an opportunity for pupils and their peers to assess their reading and conversation skills.  Feedback are given to pupils by teachers on how to improve these skills. This has enhanced pupils’ oral communication skills.


MTL Fortnight
To cultivate the love of the language and culture, our department conducted a wide variety of activities such playing of traditional musical instruments – angklung and kompang; learning about spices, making wayang kulit and mock market.  The pupils thoroughly enjoyed these activities.


P4 Cultural Camp
To expose pupils to the Malay culture, the department has conducted activities such as traditional games and wedding. Pupils were given opportunities to play traditional games such as congkak, tapak kuda and batu Seremban.


W3 Cluster Event – Language Carnival & Writing Competition
We worked closely with our cluster schools to enhance the learning of Malay Language.  The pupils were involved in activities such as Language Carnival and Writing Competition.  Pupils learnt to cooperate with other pupils from other schools to learn Malay Language in a fun and engaging way.



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