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Future-ready and Responsible Digital Learners


Juying Primary School believes that technology-enriched and empowered pedagogical practices will bring about deep learning and develop critical 21st Century Competencies in our students. These skills will prepare them for the future.

In line with ICT Master Plan 4 (mp4), the school will harness the affordance of technology to achieve the following broad goals:

  • Promote quality learning with ICT integration and sound pedagogy
  • Strengthen capacity of staff
  • Nurture a culture of innovation and reflective practices
  • Provide reliable and robust ICT infrastructure to support learning anytime and anywhere


Key Programmes

Flipped Team-Based Learning & 1:1 Computing 
Flipped Team-Based Learning, our signature ICT-enabled instructional programme, provides opportunities for pupils to engage in higher-order thinking activities, and develop essential soft skills such as self-directed learning and collaborative learning. With funding and support by EduLab, the school partners the National Institute of Education and Educational Technology Division, in this curriculum innovation. This instructional programme leverages on ICT to empower learning.

This project was shared at numerous platforms, such as the Academy of Teachers and The Asian Conference on Technology in the Classroom in Kobe, Japan, in April 2016.



Learning Portals for Self-directed Learning
To prepare our students to thrive in the 21st century, Juying strives to develop them as self-directed learners through the use of technology. Till this end, the school has implemented various online learning portals such as the BrainPOP & BrainPOP Junior, Koobits Problemsums, Koobits Editor, Asknlearn, iMTL and eZhiShi to allow our pupils to take ownership of their learning.

Brainpop – Encourages exploration and supports the learning of English and Science

BrainPOP Junior

Koobits Problemsums Complements the learning of Mathematics
Koobits Problemsums:

Asknlearn – Supports self-directed learning with its suite of learning tools


Cyber Wellness & New Media Literacy
Juying Primary seeks to develop our pupils into safe and responsible digital users though platforms such as Assembly programmes, Form Teacher’s Guidance Period, and student-initiated Cyber Wellness activities. These platforms aim to promote discerning and responsible use of the Internet and digital media. New Media Literacies such as research skills and online collaborations skills were also progressively delivered via the school’s 6-year Environmental Integrated Project Work.





Juying Primary partners the National Institute of Education and Educational Technology Division in developing our signature ICT—enabled pedagogy, Flipped Team-Based Learning.

Juying Primary partners the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore to spur interest in Science and Technologies via programmes such as Code For Fun and IDA Lab On Wheels.

Useful Links

Guides, tips and resources to help equip yourself with the knowledge and skills in navigating cyberspace to help your child.



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  • Juying Cybernews (Vol 2 – Nov 2015) 


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