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Values-in-Action (VIA)

VIA in Juying Primary School takes reference from Moral Knowing (Head), Moral Feeling (Heart) and Moral Action (Hand), based on the work of Thomas Lickona (1991). It comprises application of values in the domains of class, school and community. Through the activities to build social cohesion and civic responsibility, our pupils are nurtured to become socially responsible and this develops their sense of belonging and commitment to the community and country.


Lower Primary: Daily Classroom Clean ‘BFF’
The lower primary has adopted BFF which stands for Board, Floor & Furniture as the focus of their VIA project. The objectives are to instil routines, inculcate responsibility and to create awareness and ownership of keeping the school, especially the classrooms clean and tidy at all times. A copy of the BFF roster is placed on the Student Development Team (SDT) board. Pupils are rostered by groups to carry out their daily routine of keeping the classroom clean at stipulated time such as the first or last period of the day, before going for recess or after Mother Tongue period. Besides instilling daily actions by the pupils, level teachers have also captured pupils in action cleaning the classroom or picking litters in and outside the class. This structured approach to everyday classroom cleaning has allowed pupils to internalise the routines they have inculcated beyond the classroom without being told to do so.


Primary 3: Kindness Passports
Our Primary 3 pupils embarked on the Kindness Passport to become little advocates of kind acts. Pupils also spread the following 5 themes of Kindness within and beyond school:

  1. Appreciation Ace ·
  2. Courtesy Champion
  3. Hero Helper
  4. Graciousness General
  5. Extra- Mile Expert

When a student completes one category, the student will be rewarded with the respective sticker. For example, a student who completed all 5 acts in the Graciousness General page will be awarded with the Graciousness General sticker.


Primary 4: Buddy Clean Workshop
In line with the Keep Singapore Clean Movement in Schools, NEA has launched a capacity-building workshop titled ‘Buddy Clean Workshop’ to assist schools to educate students on the importance of keeping the school clean as well as to train the students in the various skills required for the cleaning activities.

The Buddy Clean Workshop is based on NEA’s programme – Project Buddy Clean, which aims to inculcate positive social values and norms on cleanliness amongst students. The environmental based Values-In-Action programme leverages peer influence and feedback to shape behaviour and foster shared ownership and responsibility of common spaces through regular cohort-wide cleaning.

The Buddy Clean Workshop comprises of the following key components:



In line with the school’s Learning for Life (LLP) in Environment Education, Day of Service is a novel litter-picking initiative which complements the school’s emphasis in caring for the environment. Our school collaborated with South West Community Development Council for our Primary 5 students to embark on a cleaning trail outside the school, spreading the message of environmental responsibility and cultivation of good habits towards a clean and litter-free environment. After which, they hosted an appreciation ceremony in school for a group of community and school cleaners to show their gratitude. This is to pay tribute to the school and community cleaners as part of an inclusive and caring community. We were honoured to have Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Education & Ministry of Trade and Industry and Mayor of South West CDC, Ms Low Yen Ling as the guest-of-honour for the event. The event was also featured in Sunday Times, 14th August 2016. View the article at


Primary 6: South Africa Mobile Library Project

As part of the school’s VIA programme this year, our Primary 6 students were involved in the SOUTH AFRICA MOBILE LIBRARY PROJECT (SAMLP). This programme is part of the South Africa Primary Education Support Initiative which aims to help improve literacy rates in the country by providing free and easy access to books for the children. Sony Group of Companies in Singapore has been supporting this global cause for the past 8 years and has contributed more than 80,000 books from Singapore, making it the largest contributor of books among the participating countries.


This year, Juying Primary School was privileged to partner Sony Singapore to be part of this meaningful cause. The Primary 6 pupils collected used English books from all staff and pupils. After the collection, the P6s sorted the books according to the various grade levels and wrote encouragement notes and pasted them in the books for the children over at South Africa.


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