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Vision, Mission & Values

School Vision

School Mission
To nurture holistic and morally upright individuals to pursue excellence and rise to the challenges of the future.

School Values


School Motto
Acme in Achievement- Attaining the peak in one’s achievement

School Crest


Bright yellow lettering
Symbolises boldness and vibrancy

Dark green background
Clean and fresh environment

Light green colour
Reflect the youthful spirits of our pupils

Letters ‘J’, ‘Y, ‘P’ and ‘S’
Linked gracefully, symbolising unity and harmony within the school

Oval shape
Depicts the integral cohesion of the school, as a harmonious whole. At the same time, the shape is not categorically defined so as to allow flexibility and manoeuvrability to venture into the horizons and to greater heights, thus consolidating the school’s motto of being at the “Acme in Achievement”

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