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Inquiring, Thinking and Skilful Innovators


In Juying, we strive to provide the appropriate experiences to inculcate scientific literacy in all pupils so that they can understand the world around them and make informed choices and approach challenges in the real world. To do that, we adopt the national Science Curriculum framework.


Central to the Science Curriculum Framework is the inculcation of the spirit of scientific inquiry. The conduct of inquiry is founded on three integral domains of Knowledge, Understanding and Application, Skills and Processes and Ethics and Attitudes. These 3 domains are essential to the practice of science. The curriculum design seeks to enable pupils to view the pursuit of science as meaningful and useful. Inquiry is thus grounded in knowledge, issues and questions that relate to the roles played by science in daily life, society and the environment.

The science curriculum seeks to nurture the pupil as an inquirer. The starting point is that children are curious about and want to explore the things around them. The science curriculum leverages on and seeks to fuel this spirit of curiosity. The end goal is pupils who enjoy science and value science as an important tool in helping them explore their natural and physical world.

We believe that the teacher is the leader of inquiry in the science classroom. Science teachers in Juying impart the excitement and value of science to their pupils. They are facilitators and role models of the inquiry process in the classrooms. Our teachers create a learning environment that encourage and challenge pupils to develop their sense of inquiry.


Sony Creative Toy Competition
In line with the Science Department’s vision to nurture Inquiring, Thinking and Skilful Innovators, our Primary 3, 4 and 5 pupils were given opportunities to create their own toys based on a scientific concept they have learnt. Internal school-based competition was held to select quality toys for submission to the Sony Creative Science Award. Pupils’ toys are judged based on the creativity, design, originality and sturdiness of their submission. Every participant also receive a certificate of participation and win trophies in the school-based competition. Year after year, our pupils fail to disappoint with their creative toys and proceed to win prizes at the national competition.


P3 Zoo Camp
To help our Primary 3 pupils transit smoothly with the learning of the new subject, the school organises a 2Day 1Night camp at the zoo for all our Primary 3 pupils. The fun-filled adventure takes our charges to intimate animal encounters and offers hands-on experience with the animals which allow our pupils better relate to the concepts learnt in Life Science. Not only is their sense of adventure and curiosity heightened, the camp enables our pupils to learn about conversation and protection of animals and plants.


Learning Journey to the Singapore Science Centre

To complement the Science syllabus, Learning Journeys to Singapore Science Centre are organised for pupils to provide them with a richer learning experience in learning Science. These Learning Journey leverages on the Enrichment lessons, programmes and exhibitions available at Science Centre.


Science Olympiad Enrichment Programme
Our school conducts the Science Olympiad Enrichment Programme for selected Primary 5 pupils to generate greater interest in Science among pupils. It is also an excellent opportunity for our pupils to identify and explore their talents in Science.

During the sessions, pupils learn Science through fun experiments and activities and enhance their knowledge beyond the syllabus. Pupils who display an aptitude for Science during training would be selected to take part in Science Competitions, for instance, the Singapore Primary Science Olympiad, that further challenge their knowledge and skills.


P6 Science Camp
A camp specially designed by our Science teachers for the Primary 6 pupils to help them consolidate their revision in the various themes as part of preparation for PSLE, our pupils were treated to a myriad of hands-on and ICT-based science activities in a fun and safe environment.



science4 Singapore Science Centre

Our school partners the Singapore Science Centre to conduct Learning Journeys for our pupils and participates yearly in the Sony Creative Toy Competition to foster the joy of learning Science.

Useful Links (The 2014 primary science syllabus is for pupils who are in P3, P4 and P5 since 2016) (The 2008 primary science syllabus is for pupils who are in P6 in 2016) (Subscribed for all Juying Primary School’s pupils for learning of Science) (Article from MOE Schoolbag for parents on helping their child to enjoy Science).

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