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Every Pupil a Leader


  1. Everyone is a leader
  2. Great leaders are made, not born
  3. To serve is to lead, to lead is to serve


JYPS Leadership Development Framework
Our school core values of Self-discipline, Humility, Integrity, eNdurance and Empathy form the foundation of our Leadership Development Framework. The 3 pillars under leadership pyramid are the structures put in place to support the development of pupil leadership in JYPS. Skills and knowledge are key in developing the pupils’ competencies so that they are equipped with necessary life skills to lead self and others effectively.

The school strongly believes in providing leadership opportunities for every pupil and nurturing the leadership potential of every Student Leader. With abundant leadership opportunities, pupils intentionally apply the leadership skills and knowledge acquired from the leadership training provided by the Pupil Development Committee. The development of good character is also purposefully delivered and applied through the Experiences gained from the leadership opportunities provided by the school.

In JYPS, we believe in recognizing contributions by showing Appreciation for individual excellence and giving our pupils positive Affirmations to empower them to take chances and do their very best. Gestures of appreciation and positive affirmations help build up our pupils’ confidence and enhance their strength and sense of well-being.

These 3 pillars underpin the leadership development in JYPS. Our leadership development’s vision, “Every Pupil a Leader”, aims at developing every pupil to their greatest potential to be a dedicated leader, believing that great leaders are made and nurtured. To reinforce our belief that leadership is for all, there are 2 main stages of leadership development that provides the opportunity for our pupils to contribute and serve at different age-appropriate levels during their 6 years of primary school.

The first stage of the leadership development is the Personal Leadership Stage in which the P1 – P3 pupils will be equipped with the essential leadership skills to learn self-management and self-motivation to impact their immediate environment.

The second stage of leadership development is the Servant Leadership Stage, for the P4 – P6 pupils. In this stage, students are developed to look at the needs of the school and that of their peers. They will be developed to reflect on the processes and brainstorm for ideas to solve problems and promote personal development.

At JYPS, pupils must be able to lead themselves first and internalize the 5 school values first before being able to lead others. Pupils are provided with opportunities to lead their peers in class during different lessons. Pupils hold the leadership roles to lead their peers at different stages. They are given roles such Group Leaders, Cyberkids, Library Assistant, Class Monitors, PE Monitors, Maths Aces, NE Ambassadors and others. These roles are present in all classes for all levels.

Leaders at the P4 – P6 level will also be given opportunities to develop their leadership potential further and extend their influence school-wide to realise the school’s vision and mission. These leaders are appointed as Junior Prefects and Junior CCA Leaders (Sports and Games, Uniformed Groups, Aesthetics, Clubs and Societies). These servant leaders will assist in the running of school-wide events as well as serve the school on a larger scale. From this pool of servant leaders, Senior CCA Leaders, Assistant Head Prefects and Head Prefect are elected to form the executive committee of the student leaders. The committee provides inputs in the overall running of the school with regards to school improvement, general direction of the different leadership developmental stages as well as the pupil leadership mentoring programme.

Key Programmes

Class Leader Trainings
The Class Leader Trainings are conducted for P3 to P6 class leaders. The training is aimed at equipping our student leaders with leadership skills necessary to carry out their roles and responsibilities. Through scenarios-based discussions, pupils are better able to draw valuable lessons that would prepare them to take on their leadership roles.

Prefects Trainings
In line with our school’s efforts to develop character and leadership skills in our pupils, a non-residential camp was organized for Primary 3 to Primary 5 prefects. The camp has equipped our prefects with leadership skills and competencies to better prepare them for their role as student leaders. The camp provided experiential learning opportunities for them to put the school’s SHINE values into practice.


P4 Adventure Camp
Every year, our P4 pupils will experience a different camping environment at one of the MOE Adventure centres. In 2016, our P4 cohort had their camp at MOE Changi Coast Adventure Centre. They thoroughly enjoyed the high challenge rope courses, kayaking, low elements and other exciting activities organised for them. Most importantly, the pupils had the chance to be more independent, develop resilience and leadership skills, and work as a team during the duration of the camp.


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