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Co-Curricular Activities

In Juying Primary School, CCA is an integral part of our pupils’ holistic development. It is a platform for them to discover their interests and talents and it equips them with the competencies, skills and values to prepare them for an ever-changing world. It also promotes friendship and fosters social integration.















To meet the diverse range of interests, Juying Primary School offers our pupils a choice of 15 CCAs, grouped under 4 categories, to choose from.














Main schedule for all CCAs is on every Friday

  • 7:50 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Additional Training Sessions for selected groups of students for these CCAs below:



Our CCAs


Sports and Games CCAs  

Through participation in Sports and Games, character and leadership skills can be developed in our pupils. Pupils can also learn values such as discipline, respect, fairness and teamwork. Currently, there are 4 Sports and Games CCA in Juying Primary School. They are Badminton, Basketball, Football and Taekwondo. Selected pupils in these CCAs will get the chance to represent the school and participate in the zonal and national inter-school competitions.


Uniformed Group CCA

Our only uniformed group, Scouts CCA, aims to nurture pupils to be all-rounded individuals by instilling school’s core values, equipping them with essential life skills and cultivating qualities in them to become useful and healthy citizens. Among the skills, they will be taught camp craft and first aid. There will be many opportunities for them to work in group settings so as to develop values such as respect and teamwork in them.


Visual and Performing Arts CCAs

Juying Primary has a vibrant aesthetics programme. It strives to provide opportunities for pupils who are interested and talented in the Visual and Performing Arts to pursue their passion in various Art forms such as Cultural Dance (Chinese Dance and Malay Dance), International Dance (Hip Hop), Percussion Ensemble, Choir and Art Club.

Besides participating in various competitions and performances outside the school, our Visual and Performing Arts CCAs also contribute to the society by being actively involved in community events such as celebrations and art events organised by the Nanyang Community Centre.


Clubs CCAs

There is a total of 5 Club CCAs comprising of Art Club, Chinese Chess Club, Environment Club, Infocomm Club and Robotics Club. These clubs caters to the diverse needs of our pupils. Pupils in these clubs are provided the opportunities to express their creativity, participate in competitions and projects that stretch their intellectual capacity, contribute to the environment and provide service to the school and community.



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