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An aesthetically-developed individual who enjoys and appreciates the Arts


Juying Primary School strives to provide a quality Arts education that nurtures pupils’ aesthetic talents and develops their enjoyment and appreciation towards the Arts, through the 4Es:

  • Exposure and Experience for all
  • Engagement for the interested
  • Excellence-building for the talented


6 Desired Outcomes of Arts Education in Juying Primary School:

  1. Pupils to acquire basic knowledge and skills of the Arts
  2. Pupils to love and appreciate the Arts
  3. Pupils to understand the role of Arts in the community
  4. Pupils to demonstrate 21st Century Competencies
  5. Vibrant Arts Scene in Juying Primary School
  6. Sustained Partnership with Arts Community

We strongly believe that student-centric teaching and Arts authentic learning experiences will allow pupils to develop their aesthetic talents and at the same time, to enjoy and appreciate the subject. In Juying Primary School, Visual Art and Music lessons are taught by specialised teachers who are passionate about the Arts.

Programmes/Key Events


Music Curriculum Overview


Juying’s Got Talent
To recognise aesthetic talents in Juying, our Arts Department organises Juying’s Got Talent Competition in both Music and Art yearly.


World Art Music Week
In conjunction with International Friendship Day, and supported by Parent Support Group members, our Arts department organises various World Art activities from various countries during recess for the entire week. Different classes will have the opportunities to showcase World Music performances by various countries. Through World Music and Art, pupils learn to respect and appreciate the diverse cultures around them.


Arts in Education Assembly Programme
To expose pupils to different art forms, our termly Arts in Education Assembly Programme showcases performances from various performing arts groups in Singapore.


To expose pupils to performance opportunities beyond classroom, Music@Recess is a great platform to showcase their class performance during recess. Each class will perform once a year.



Our school conducts NAC-supported programmes such as Arts in Education Assembly Programmes and Artist Mentor Scheme (AMS) Programme to enhance the arts learning experience for our pupils.

Our specialised teachers work closely with STAR in developing their pedagogies by being STAR Champions for the W3 Cluster (in Art & Music respectively).

Useful Links (MOE Syllabus for Music) (MOE Syllabus for Art)

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