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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Juying Primrs-sroya-jaswantmary comprises a team of dedicated staff, highly committed stakeholders and a vibrant environment. In the quest to SHINE, the school has a suite of integrated programmes and activities to provide every child with platforms and opportunities to discover himself/herself by being curious, creative and confident.

My staff and I believe children at a young tender age are like seedlings in a garden.  Besides the basic necessities of life, their growth depends on the tender, loving care provided by the ones who tend them. We have no control over the genes our children inherit but we can certainly nurture them with love and care. The experiences they have at home and in school, and in particular with their parents and teachers can shape their personality, behaviour and development. In Juying, our teachers care, lead and inspire every child to blossom. We also cultivate the growth mindset in our children so that they will be inspired to always put in their best effort, embrace challenges and seek alternative paths for growth and success.

We strive to build relationships, partnerships and teams. We want to be the catalyst to inspire everyone to contribute. We hope to nurture every child into a confident person, self-directed
learner, active contributor and concerned citizen.


Mrs Sroya Jaswant


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